Policy Statements

Council Issues Statement Opposing Seventh Circuit Nominee, Michael Brennan

  Michael Brennan, nominee for a lifetime judicial appointment on the Seventh Circuit, is not a qualified candidate and is far outside the mainstream of judicial thought. Brennan has been unable to earn his way through a decades-long bipartisan process for judicial nominations in this Circuit; rather, he floated his way to the Judiciary Committee hearing only because those long-standing… Read more →

The Chicago Council of Lawyers Urges Reappointment of Lori Lightfoot as President of the Chicago Police Board

On behalf of the Chicago Council of Lawyers, the public interest bar association that has been working for the fair and effective administration of justice for nearly 50 years, I am writing to strongly urge the reappointment of Lori Lightfoot as the President of the Chicago Police Board. Ms. Lightfoot’s term as president expires on July 29, 2017, per this… Read more →

Chicago Council of Lawyers Releases Judicial Evaluations

The Chicago Council of Lawyers has released its judicial evaluations for the November 2016 election.  The Council provides a written report providing short biographies and the reasons for its findings, both for judges seeking retention and for candidates who won their March 2016 primary and are seeking to fill a judicial vacancy in the November 2016 election.  The Committee to Elect Qualified Judges also provides… Read more →

Chicago Council Responds to Mayor’s Proposed Police Accountability Ordinance

On August 30, Mayor Rahm Emanuel released a statement on police accountability and a draft ordinance to replace the Independent Police Review Authority with a new agency. The Chicago Council of Lawyers offers its thoughts below. Chicago Council of Lawyers Communication about Mayor’s Proposed Police Accountability Ordinance. In the first week of October, Mayor Emanuel is scheduled to propose to the… Read more →

Statement on PATF Report

In April 2016, the Police Accountability Task Force issued their 190-page report: Recommendations for Reform: Restoring Trust between the Chicago Police and the Communities They Serve. The Report addresses many subjects, ranging from how to improve police-community relations to how to respond to persons with mental health problems. We have released our review of the report, focusing on the need for legal… Read more →

Report on the Impact of Court Fines, Fees and Costs

The Collaboration for Justice—the joint social justice effort of Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice and the Chicago Council of Lawyers—has released a report on the impact and legality of court fines, fees and costs. The report details how the recent trend of shifting court costs to low-income and indigent defendants is creating a cycle of fines, fees and increased jail… Read more →

Regulating Stingray Technology

The Civil Liberties Committee of the Chicago Council of Lawyers has called on the state of Illinois to regulate the government’s use of Stingray technology. On January 20, 2016, Representative Ann Williams of Chicago introduced Illinois House Bill 4470 to regulate the use by government bodies of cell site simulator devices. A similar measure is being introduced in the Illinois Senate… Read more →