Chicago Council of Lawyers Applauds the Reappointment of Lori Lightfoot as President of the Chicago Police Board

The Chicago Council of Lawyers, the Public Interest Bar Association that has been working for the fair and effective administration of justice for nearly 50 years, applauds Mayor Emanuel’s decision to reappoint Lori Lightfoot as the President of the Chicago Police Board. The Council urged her reappointment in a July 18, 2017, statement to the Mayor, his staff and advisers, and Superintendent Eddie Johnson, which outlined Ms. Lightfoot’s consistent advocacy for meaningful police reform in Chicago.

Chicago Police Board President Lori Lightfoot, courtesy of Mayer Brown

Chicago Police Board President Lori Lightfoot, courtesy of Mayer Brown

Ms. Lightfoot has shown her commitment to police accountability and, importantly, her independence as President of the Police Board. She has worked consistently toward the implementation of the recommendations of the Accountability Test Force, which she also headed. Her recent opposition to the proposed Memorandum of Agreement drafted by the Mayor’s team and sent to the U.S. Department of Justice in lieu of the consent decree underscores her dedication to meaningful change and her willingness to provide an independent voice in favor of reform

Mayor Emanuel has consistently expressed his commitment to police reform. Ms. Lightfoot’s reappointment is a positive step toward building public trust and police accountability. The Council is pleased to see that the Mayor has made the right decision in this regard, and hopes that his administration continues to take pragmatic steps toward meaningful police reform.

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