Collaboration For Justice

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A member of the Chicago Council of Lawyers (Council) is part of the Collaboration for Justice – the joint effort of the Council and the Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice to bring about systemic reform of the justice system.

The Council is the lawyer organization which focuses on advocating for a fair and efficient administration of justice. Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice is a nonpartisan and independent research and advocacy organization which focuses on remedying systemic injustice affecting vulnerable populations within our courts. Together, the two organizations  work to investigate the causes of systemic injustice in our courts, proposing effective solutions, and working for their implementation.

We work through program advisory committees on Criminal Justice Reform, Access to Justice, Reform of the Child Support and Family Law System, and Immigration Court Reform. The Chicago Council of Lawyers works independently of Chicago Appleseed in its efforts to evaluate state and federal judges.

Members of the Council, and those who want to donate time to Chicago Appleseed, are invited to join and participate in the Advisory Committees. Chaired by board members of both the Council and Chicago Appleseed, these Committees work with our governing boards to identify issues, plan research initiatives, recommend solutions to injustices, and work for their implementation. We also invite and encourage our members and donors to suggest new systemic reform issues, which could become new program areas for the collaborative effort of the Chicago Council of Lawyers and Chcago Appleseed.

We believe that lawyers should do two kinds of pro bono – individual representation and systemic reform work that will make the courts more fair and effective for all people. We provide the opportunity to do meaningful systemic reform work. Please contact us.


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