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10.24.13 A New Mandatory Minimum for Gun Crime Will Cause Further Pre-Trial Delay And Jail Overcrowding
Category: Blog

With the support of Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, HB2265 / SB 1342 was recently introduced to the Illinois General Assembly with the goal of imposing a mandatory three-year minimum prison sentence for people convicted of illegal use of a weapon. Our friends at the John Howard Association—in recent articles on the Huffington Post and in the Chicago Tribune—have responded forcefully to Emmanuel’s proposal, laying out how new mandatory minimums will undermine efforts at crime control and only increase crime in our streets. We at the Collaboration for Justice (Chicago Council of Lawyers and Chicago Appleseed) add our voice in opposition to Emmanuel’s proposal and focus on another aspect of the proposal’s impact: a new mandatory minimum will exacerbate pre-trial delays by introducing more disorder and uncertainty in our criminal justice system.

08.16.13 Chief Judge Evans Orders Indigence Hearing Reform in Response to Chicago Appleseed Investigation
Category: Recent Press

Chief Judge of the Cook County Circuit Court, Timothy C. Evans, issued General Administrative Order No. 2013-11 yesterday in response to a Chicago Appleseed investigation that uncovered a practice where judges were denying defendants a public defender without the required indigence hearing. The Chief Judge’s order and accompanying memoranda, available here, require the courts to conduct hearings on indigence based on the required financial affidavits and in line with Illinois statute and federal constitutional law.

Category: Blog

The Chicago Council of Lawyers supports the “Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act,” Senate Bill 1587 Engrossed. Surveillance by drones can serve useful purposes but because they are small, quiet, highly maneuverable and can be deployed in secret, they are potential threats to privacy. The Bill does a good job of balancing those competing interests.

05.01.13 Cook County Deprives Defendants of a Public Defense
Category: Blog

Chicago, IL, May 1, 2013 — In courtrooms across Cook County, a Chicago Appleseed investigation has confirmed, defendants are being denied a public defense solely because they have posted bond to get out of jail. The denials come without a constitutionally required hearing on the defendant’s finances. In some cases, indigent defendants who post bond and do receive a public defense then have their bond money withheld to reimburse the Public Defender’s Office.

02.05.13 Pro Bono Opportunities from the Collaboration for Justice: Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice and the Chicago Council of Lawyers
Category: Recent Press

Chicago Appleseed is a social impact research and advocacy organization which uses multidisciplinary research to identify community injustices, and to develop and advocate for practical solutions. Chicago Council of Lawyers is a public interest lawyer organization which advocates for a fair and effective administration of justice. Together, the two organizations comprise the Collaboration for Justice focusing on the areas of Criminal Justice Reform, Judicial and Lawyer Ethics, Immigration Court Reform, Payday Lending Reform/Economic Inclusion, and Family Law. The Chicago Council of Lawyers works independently of Chicago Appleseed in its efforts to evaluate judges for the purpose of educating voters.

02.05.13 SAVE THE DATE Join Appleseed and Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice for the PILLARS OF JUSTICE AWARDS RECEPTION
Category: Recent Press

Join Appleseed and Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice for the PILLARS OF JUSTICE AWARDS RECEPTION Wednesday, March 20, 2013 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm House of Blues 329 N. Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL 60654. HONORING: Richard C. Godfrey (Kirkland & Ellis, Appleseed Board Member), Kenneth L. Schmetterer (DLA Piper), and Lawrence Wojcik (DLA Piper)

01.08.13 Collaboration for Justice: An Update
Category: Recent Press

The Chicago Council of Lawyers and the Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice collaborate on issues that affect the administration of justice in Cook County. Click the link to read more about the Collaboration for Justice.

11.06.12 Chicago Council of Lawyers Releases its Judicial Evaluation Results
Category: Recent Press

The Chicago Council of Lawyers has released its judicial evaluation results for judges seeking retention on the November 6th ballot and for judicial candidates seeking to fill judicial vacancies in the November election.

11.05.12 Chicago Council of Lawyers Speaks Out on the Judicial Election Tomorrow
Category: Recent Press

Editorial Statement from the Chicago Council of Lawyers: Vote for Qualified Judges

10.09.12 2012 Annual Luncheon of the Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice and the Chicago Council of Lawyers
Category: Recent Press

Thank you for supporting our Annual Luncheon! We appreciate your generosity and continued partnership as we move forward with ground-breaking research and advocacy on social justice and government effectiveness issues that have a deep impact on the Chicago-area community. Our 2012 Annual Luncheon held on October 3, featured keynote speaker Professor Randolph Stone addressing the urgent need for reform of the criminal justice system. We honored Kimberly Foxx with the Commitment to Justice Award for her tireless work on Juvenile Justice in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. Also, several of our Pro Bono Counsel received the Special Recognition Award for their assistance to Chicago Appleseed in reaching our goals for systematic reform through the Center for Judicial Performance and Integrity, the Immigration Court Reform Project, and the Community Justice Program.

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