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05.16.12 Panel Discussion: Protecting Judicial Independence in a Citizens United World (May 23, 2012)
Category: Recent Press

Please join us as we discuss new ways of looking at judicial recusal and campaign contribution disclosures. MCLE Credit. RSVP required. See more details...

03.22.12 March 2012 Primary: Unofficial Winners and CCL Results
Category: Recent Press

Judicial Evaluations for the March 2012 Primary Unofficial Winners and the Evaluation Results from the Chicago Council of Lawyers can be found here...

03.21.12 Illinois & Cook County Primary Judicial Election Results
Category: Blog

As of today, our website received 518,000 hits since the beginning of this judicial evaluation season with about 17,000 unique visitors. This is exciting evidence of a concerned electorate! All in all, just TWO “Not Qualified” candidates running in a contest race were elected to the bench. Learn more about Illinois and Cook County Judicial Election Results at our blog.

03.20.12 2012 Judicial Evaluations Now Available
Category: Policy Statements

In Illinois, judges are elected. People will be voting for judicial candidates on March 20, 2012. Early voting begins on February 27, 2012. Each of these candidates is running to fill a judicial vacancy. By reading the information and judicial evaluation results found on this website, you can become better informed about the people running for judge. By voting for qualified judges, you can help protect our courts. Please remember that judges make decisions that affect our entire society as well as your well-being. Each judge makes tens of thousands of decisions that can affect nearly everyone. By protecting our courts, you are protecting yourself, your family, and your friends. For the judicial evaluation report of the Chicago Council of Lawyers and a ballot summary using the judicial evaluation results from the Chicago Council of Lawyers, please visit our State Judicial Evaluations page to download.

03.19.12 Chicago Tribune March 20 Primary Endorsements
Category: Recent Press

This week, Chicago Tribune reported its endorsements in the March 20 Illinois primary election. The editorial board makes these recommendations based on the evaluations of major bar associations, including the Chicago Council of Lawyers, interviews with judges and attorneys who know the work of the candidates, and information provided by the candidates to the board. [read more]

03.11.12 At Issue: WBBM Newsradio 780
Category: Recent Press

Malcolm Rich, Executive Director, Chicago Council of Lawyers speaks with Craig Dellimore on At Issue, WBBM Newsradio, about voting for judges in the March 2012 Primary

02.09.12 Voting for judges: Everyone can, few do
Category: Recent Press

Four years ago, just more than 1.2 million people in Cook County showed up to vote in the primary election. But just over a million of those people posted a vote for state's attorney - 85.38 percent of the total number of voters who hit the polls, according to the Cook County Clerk's office.

12.09.11 2011 State Judicial Directory Now Available!
Category: Newsletter Archive

Since 1970, the Chicago Council of Lawyers has been evaluating State Judges in Cook County. Now in its Ninth edition, the current directory is a compilation of judicial evaluations from 1986 through March 2011 of Circuit Judges and Associate Judges in Cook County as well as Illinois Supreme Court and Appellate Court Justices, First District.

11.08.11 Chicago Council of Lawyers Published Letter to the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
Category: Recent Press

Law organization discusses judicial appointments, recall

11.03.11 Blog: Smart Criminal Justice Policies Gain Momentum in Chicago, Cook County
Category: Blog

County and City officials have taken bold yet prudent steps toward sensible, cost-effective public safety policies. The County has expanded use of electronic monitoring and the City is now considering issuing a fine in lieu of arrest for marijuana possession-a move many suburbs have already made. Both plans aim to relieve the mounting fiscal, political, and humanitarian costs imposed by crowded jails and overburdened police and courts. They also represent incremental steps toward fundamental, systemic reform.

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