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The Chicago Council of Lawyers Urges that NSA Cease Gathering Bulk Telephonic Metadata, but Instead Obtain Prior Court Approval to Obtain Limited Metadata related to a Targeted Telephone Number.
June 01, 2014

by David Melton and Gordon Waldron The Chicago Council of Lawyers on May 19, 2004 recommended that the National Security Administration (NSA) stop gathering bulk telephone metadata. Instead, NSA should be required to obtain prior approval from the court established by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to obtain limited metadata related to a targeted telephone number. The Council also adopted three recommendations to improve the operation of the FISA court. A later article describes those recommendations.

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2012 Judicial Evaluations Now Available
March 20, 2012

In Illinois, judges are elected. People will be voting for judicial candidates on March 20, 2012. Early voting begins on February 27, 2012. Each of these candidates is running to fill a judicial vacancy. By reading the information and judicial evaluation results found on this website, you can become better informed about the people running for judge. By voting for qualified judges, you can help protect our courts. Please remember that judges make decisions that affect our entire society as well as your well-being. Each judge makes tens of thousands of decisions that can affect nearly everyone. By protecting our courts, you are protecting yourself, your family, and your friends. For the judicial evaluation report of the Chicago Council of Lawyers and a ballot summary using the judicial evaluation results from the Chicago Council of Lawyers, please visit our State Judicial Evaluations page to download.

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From Our Blog: Diversion Works
July 29, 2011

That's the undisputed message in the most comprehensive study of diversionary drug courts ever completed. The Urban Institute, the Center for Court Innovation, and RTI International, conducted the study, "The Multi-Site Adult Drug Court Evaluation." Researchers evaluated 23 drug courts and 6 traditional court programs for comparison, over a period of 5 years...[Read the entire article on our blog]

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