Civil Liberties Committee

The Civil Liberties Committee meets monthly to discuss civil liberties issues that are both local and national in scope—including police accountability in Chicago. To find out more about the Committee’s policy positions, please visit the links below.

For more information, please contact Executive Director Malcolm Rich, at malcolmrich [at] chicagoappleseed [dot] org or (312) 988-6552.

Policy Positions

CCL Supports HB 303 SA1 (Guzzardi/Harmon) on Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform, June 21, 2017

CCL’s Recommended Changes to Chicago Police Department’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, February 2017

Comparison between the positions of CCL and the Community Renewal Society on Chicago Police Department Collective Bargaining Agreement , December 2016

CCL Communication about Mayor’s Proposed Police Accountability Ordinance, September 2016

CCL Board Recommendations on Policy Accountability, August 2016

CCL Testimony for the Police Accountability Task Force, July 2016

CCL Recommendations for the Police Accountability Task Force, May 2016

CCL Position Statement on Stingray Technology, April 2016


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